Bronchogenic Cysts (Bronchogene Zyste)

General information:

  • Arises from parenchymal cells which have been isolated during budding and branching to form a mass of non - functioning pulmonary tissue. Central cysts are of early embryonic origin. They are solitary and usually asymptomatic until infection ocurs.
  • Located near the pulmonary hilum or in the mediastinum (near the esophagus).
  • The lesions appear as solid masses or they are air filled (fluid level) when they communicate with the airways.
  • Rapid enlargement of a tension cyst may produce sudden respiratory distress.
  • Malignant transformation has been described.


  • Usually asymptomatic.
  • If the lesion becomes infected symptoms like fever, hemoptysis, cough with purulent secretions occur.

Diagnostic workout:

  • X-ray, High – resolution CT scan.

Indication for operation:

  • The asymptomatic cyst is also a clear indication for excision.


  • Thoracotomy, excision.

Postoperative management:

  • Chest tubes may be removed if the lung is fully expanded and drainage volumes decrease below 20 to 50cc during a 24 hour period.


  • Good.
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